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TVFC Club Secretary and Pavilion Project Manager, Shirley Guthrie has won the 2014 Luke Barker Memorial Best Club Person Award.

The Senior Club Person Award is a memorial award named in the honour of a past player and dedicated club member, Luke Barker.  Luke’s parents, Marcus and Pauline, were founding committee members of the then Trafalgar Junior Soccer Club and Luke was a passionate member of the club.  Tragically, Luke died at a young age and this award is presented each year in his honour.  The recipient of this award has displayed a dedication to the club and a commitment of service to others throughout the season.

In 2014 there were 6 nominations;

Greg Dyer, Jack Farrell, Shirley Guthrie, Templar Hankinson, Jaiden Jarvis, Joelene Laukens, Petamarie Mathews & Wayne Thege.

Shirley took out the award as a result of her incredible work in managing the TVFC pavilion project. Shirley has managed the Pavilion Project from the drafting stage onwards.  Baw Baw Shire Council handed management of the project to TVFC midway through 2013 and it has been Shirley who has overseen the drafting, pricing, consultation and construction phases of the project ever since.  Her experience and connections within the local building trade have ensured a long term quality asset for the club and a balanced budget.  TVFC is the first sports club in Gippsland to be allocated project management from BBSC via state government funding.  Shirley’s efforts and contribution have ensured the delivery of a project that both state and local government will be proud of.  Shirley invested numerous hours behind the scenes and has dedicated herself in her first year upon the committee to the betterment of the club.

All at TVFC congratulate Shirley upon her contribution to the club and acknowledge her dedication towards this challenging project. She is a most worthy recipient of this prestigious award.

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