With the first round of senior men and women’s competition fast approaching, It is essential that senior players register online as soon as possible.  The process is quite simply:

  1. Log onto www.myfootballclub.com.au
  2.  Follow the instructions and register

Link to registration instructions

Please be advised that all registration payments are to made online upon registration.  Trafalgar Victory FC has learned from past experiences not to entertain cash payments, payments plans, partial deposits or monthly installments.  Accordingly if you need to seek financial assistance be sure to make your own arrangements with family and friends as your club is not a financial institution.

The club’s register has also been instructed not to approve registrations from players who are not financial at the end of the 2017 season. So if you are one of the small numbers who have not yet paid monies owing from last season, please do not take offence when your 2018 registration is not approved until such time that you are financial.

Finally, all players must be made aware that in order to play on Sunday the 18th of March, their registration and payment must have been completed by Thursday the 15th of March in order for FFV to process your payment.  Earlier payment of fees is greatly appreciated.

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