This week we played at Tyers against Monash and when we arrived the sun was shining and it was a nice morning.  We were missing two of our players this week, James and Piper however we still had seven eager players ready to take the field.  Traf started off very strong with Kade kicking the first goal, followed by another one from Ivy who had just come back from having a few weeks off on holidays.  After some great tackling and dribbling by all of our players we managed to find the back of the net again with Kade kicking another goal and then Lillian finishing with the final goal of the first half for Traf.  Monash came back at us and scored a goal just before half time so we went into the half time break 4-1 ahead.

The kids recharged at half time with some much deserved oranges and then we were back out for the second half.  Ivy and Grace created some great passages of play where they dribbled towards goal from halfway but were unfortunate not to score due to the Monash players getting back and defending their goals.  Xavier, John and Buckley were following up by chasing the ball and tackling the Monash players with great enthusiasm this week.  Kade and Lillian hung back and defended the goals for much of the second half with Ivy helping out from time to time.

Both Traf and Monash were kept goalless in the second half resulting in a 4-1 win to Traf however Mick and I were really impressed with how the U6s played this week.  They all had a turn of dribbling, passing and attacking the ball.  We were really unfortunate not to get some more goals in the second half.

Jump & Climb award went to Kade this week, with Lillian and Xavier getting the BK award.

Report by Tanya Makins, TVFC U6 Coach

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