Saturday the girls had to go up against EGUFC for the second time this year. They were one of the first teams we versed and proved they would be a competitive team this season with a big win over our girls.

They’ve improved a lot over the past few weeks since that match however and have really started to work well together as a team. Straight off the bat our striker Maddy Brown had a run at goal and put East Gippslands defensive on high alert. With the help of midfielders Paris and Allyssa, Maddy continued her attacks throughout the majority of the game. Letitia came out after starting on the bench with a real fire, putting East Gippsland under a lot of pressure.

After an unlucky slip past the new rising keeper Eloise in the first half, we were still holding strong, keeping up the pressure and making runs through their defence. Unfortunately it seemed that east Gippslands numbers favoured them greatly as we began to lose our energy in the hot sun and two more goals slipped through.

Overall I was very proud of the girls and how far they’ve come. From a rocky start when we first versed East Gippsland to now, you can really see the improvement. Improvement that east Gippslands coach commented on after the game.

Report by team coach Emily Keilty

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