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Trafalgar Victory FC played Sale United White in round 10 of the LVSL Under 14 competition.  Following a somewhat scratchy win over Newborough-Yallourn last week, the Trafalgar team were keen to show just how well they could play.

The game was one of only two TVFC junior matches played on the weekend with several MiniRoos and junior games being cancelled due to pitch damage from excess rain during the week.

Sale played with only 10 players, with 6 of their regular players unavailable to play on the day.  This gave a considerable advantage to the home side Trafalgar.

Trafalgar moved the ball around nicely and it was the old firm of Nic Tammes, Michael Judd and Jacob Holmes who controlled the middle of the ground.  The reliable threesome linked seamlessly between the defensive and attractive lines and controlled the pace and direction of play for the vast majority of the game.  Jacob in particular had yet another brilliant match.  His ball control and ability to set up team mates was without peer.

In the backline, Connor Ibbotson continues to grow in skill and reading of the play.  He was well supported by Haylea Porter in the absence of Jackson Clerks. Both defenders shut down any forward runs from Sale and in turn created many attacking transitions themselves.  When the ball bypassed the central defenders, both Drew O’Brien and Flynn George had their wing attackers well and truly covered.  Boy boys ran the ball out of defence with regularity and great efficiency.

Up front Darcy Lewis proved to be a pivotal target.  He made several well timed runs into attack and literally turned his opponents inside out. Had it not been for a “quick whistled” Sale linesman, Darcy may well have scored several goals in the first half of play.

Eventually not even the most enthusiastic “off-side” caller could deny Darcy the opening goal at the 17 minute mark of the match.  This was soon added to by Jacob who made a delightful transition to the right side of the box before waltzing his way through the Sale defence and calmly finding the back of the net.  The half time score line was Trafalgar 2, Sale 0.

One of the most pleasing aspects of this match was the even contribution of the entire team.  It was great to witness the ongoing development and soccer education of Finn Vardon-Phillips and Jack O’Connor.  Finn made several lovely one touch plays with Jacob that left his coach and the Trafalgar supporters simply amazed.  Whilst Jack worked hard to carry the ball down his wing and to create several scoring opportunities.

The further the second half of the match progressed the greater the fatigue of the undermanned Sale team and the greater the dominance of the Trafalgar squad.  Nic Tammes timed a beautiful into the box and scored a delightful one touch goal late in the second half.  This was promptly added to by the Trafalgar team when Michael Judd, who by now had been let loose up front , drove a bullet past the Sale goal keeper to complete the 4-0 victory.

It was an absolute luxury to regain the services of classy utility, Hardy Kenny, during the second half of the match.  With Darcy leaving early to play hockey in the afternoon, Hardy was the perfect running player to add to the midfield and to release Michael up front.

A great team game by all players.  A well deserved 4-0 win to all involved.

This week’s BK team player award was given to Finn Vardon-Phillips for his ongoing and extremely rapid development as a member of our team.

TVFC wishes all Under 14 families an enjoyable week off during the school holidays.  No games on Saturday the 2nd of July.

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