Another magnificent autumn morning greeted the Under 13 girls team when, due to a quirk of the draw, we revisited the Burrage Reserve for this weeks game. Newborough-Yallourn had a full compliment of players this week so a good even game was expected. Haylea started in goals this week allowing Chloe to have a run around in the forward line where she could show off her passing and leadership skills. Whilst Haylea’s refusal to utilise the things on the end of her arms frustrated the coach, her ability to read the play, get to and then clear the ball was second to none. Her long kicks setup many attacks and Natalie and Skye were combining brilliantly and it was a pinpoint pass from Natalie that setup Skye’s first ever goal. Having worked really hard on this part of her game over the last two weeks it was pleasing to see the ball hit the back of the net.

Gabby, Amber and Ivy all continued to play solid games in midfield and all three have improved markedly over the season so far. Chloe and Natalie’s forward pressure created another chance that was finished nicely by Maddy to score her second goal for the season. At half time the score was 0:2 Chloe put the gloves on for the second half releasing Haylea to play on the field where her ability to turn defence into attack shone through. Tia and Mackenzie fought out a draw for best player for the Gray family with both girls constantly shutting down attacks with well timed tackles. Tia’s ability to make great decisions about when to provide cover defence,even when there are various pieces of conflicting advice from the sideline coming her way, is sensational.

Mackenzie showed us a different part of her game whilst playing as a forward for the last part of the match and came close to scoring for us. Maddy is also playing at both ends of the ground and doing brilliantly with some fantastic dribbling. Livvie once again dominated in the full back position with some sensational tackles and constantly driving the ball into our attack. Alyssa played a wonderful game with her harassment of the defenders creating many turnovers in our forward area. Haylea created numerous scoring opport unities and her second goal came from a wonderful left foot long range shot. Another team member putting into a game things we have been working on at training.

Some of the passing moves put together by the team were wonderful to watch and the desire to give the ball to a better positioned team mate is fantastic to see. It was a magnificent team performance. A special mention to Paris who, while feeling very unwell, still came and sat on the bench to give her teammates her support. Outstanding team spirit!!!

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