Coaching cert

Trafalgar Victory FC coaches, Shirley Guthrie and Mark Judd, have recently completed their FFA Skills Training Certificate.  The two coaches, along with 13 other GSL coaches, underwent 14 hours of training over three separate nights in order to complete the certificate.

The program focussed upon the four core skills: running  with the ball, 1 V 1, passing and first touch.  It follows the FFA’s National Curriculum and is designed to improve the quality of club based training sessions.

In the long run the course is aimed at improving the standard of coaching in order to improve the standard of players within our club. Shirley Guthrie, the newly appointed Under 13 Girls coach, told TVFC that “It gave me the confidence to coach my Under 13 girls as it gave me a structure from which to build upon.”  Whilst Under 14 Boys coach, Mark Judd, chose to undergo the training to revise and improve his skills based coaching.

Both coaches thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were impressed by the enthusiasm of the entire group of coaches and the clear instruction provided by GSL Zone Development Officer, Mark Cassar.  The two participants strongly encourage others in the club to undertake such courses, as it is essential to provide current national coaching practices to our young players. Both the Under 13 Girls and Under 14 Boys should benefit greatly from having qualified coaches.

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