The Trafalgar Victory FC “Christmas Tree Sales” fundraiser is on again for 2105.  Already the club has sold a dozen trees around Trafalgar, Yarragon and Warragul this weekend and TVFC  has currently received a further 20 orders for next weekend.

This job is now too big for just the perennial workers alone to carry the load.  Accordingly we need more of our members to assist over the next two Saturdays (5th & 12th of December).  A big thanks to Kara Kimberley, Templar Hankinson, Katrina Alison, Mark Judd and Shirley Guthrie for looking after the Christmas Tree sales this weekend.  In an ideal world these people would not be required to do another days work next weekend.

Every year members of our club make statements such as “Why don’t we buy …. ” or “Isn’t it time the club got a new ….” or “Surely we could afford to … ”  Well fellow club members, we can only address such requests if we have the funds to do so.  Without fundraisers such as the Christmas Tree Sale all members would feel the pinch as fees would have to rise in order to cover our ever increasing expenses.

So with this in mind please do the following:

  1.  Check out what jobs need doing.  Link to duty list
  2. Register your offer of support. Link to Volunteer register

If you have any questions about our Christmas Tree Sales fundraiser please feel free to contact Mark Judd on 0448 032 490.

Also don’t forget to place your order for a fresh, beautiful and trimmed Christmas Tree today!

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