TVFC has received an Active Club Grant for $2550.00.  The grant, made possible by Vic Health, is allocated across numerous sporting and community groups in order to increase the number of Victorians who are engaged in physical activity.   This particular grant was secured by Trafalgar Victory FC to purchase 5m x 2m portable goals for the TVFC 5-A-Side Tournament.

Along with the additional funding provided by Baw Baw Shire Council’s Community Development Grant (events), TVFC will now have sufficient funding to purchase the required number of goals for their 5-A-Side Tournament.  The purchased goals may well be utilised further during a proposed pre-season summer competition scheduled at the completion of the 2015 GSL season.

TVFC would like to thank Vic Health for their ongoing support over several years now.  The club is delighted that our 5-A-Side Tournament has been chosen as a worthy recipient for such funding.


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