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Trafalgar Victory FC is pleased to advise its players and members that the pavilion is on track to be completed by the end of June deadline.  As the deadline fast approaches the builders have been pushing along with the interior construction of the building.  To date the internal framing, electrical work, internal plumbing,  plastering and the vast majority of the insulation and cladding have all been completed.

Once the internal construction aspect of the project has been completed on Monday the 16th June, the painters are scheduled to enter the building on Tuesday the 17th June , followed by the kitchen cabinet makers.  The laying of the industrial designed flooring is then scheduled for completing on Tuesday the 24th June.

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Currently the building committee are looking to finalise a large scale inclined entrance from the edge of the pitch fencing straight to the veranda of the pavilion.  This extended entrance would allow for easy access to both able and disabled soccer fans alike.

Trafalgar Victory FC would like to thank Johns Lyng Regional Builders for their professionalism and timely construction of the interior component of the pavilion.  All at the club eagerly await the completion of the project and its official opening, which will follow shortly.

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