The construction of the Trafalgar Victory pavilion commenced today with the digging of 48 footing holes.  The task took a team of 6 people 8 hours to complete, with the extracted soil being stockpiled for future use.

A “Kanga” excavator was provided by S & S Hire and those workers present were very grateful of Shaun Cameron’s generosity.  The club also benefitted greatly from the expertise of Jack Farrell who operated the Kanga for the duration of the works.

The site has been fenced off with security fencing, courtesy of Tempfence and is now officially a building site.  Thanks to Simon Thomas who provided and installed the security fencing.

The holes will be examined and signed off on Monday following an inspection visit from a representative from Watershed Building Consultants.  The concrete is then scheduled to be poured by mid next week.  Once set, the next stage in the building project is the construction of the shed’s shell.  TVFC hope to confirm a construction timeline in the near future.

The club wishes to sincerely thank today’s working group who consisted of; Jack Farrell, Wayne Thege, Greg Dyer, Shirley Guthrie, Warren Steen and Mark Judd.  A special mention also to Mick Butler (a previous player), who was the only TVFC Facebook follower to responded for the call for help today.  Mick also brought drinks for all to enjoy, which was very much appreciated.

Link to TVFC Pavilion Drawing

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